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In Home Consultation/Home Defense Training

Do you every leave home and worry about your family? Do you wonder what you would do if someone broke into your home while you or your family was there? Do you have a family plan for just such an emergency? Is your home secure? Do you like uncertainty? Give your family the gift of safety and security in the home.

Talon is offering an in home instructional block for people who are concerned about home or business safety. This program offers a Law Enforcement Instructor who will come to you, evaluate your home and teach you how to safety protect, search and defend it from a break in or assault. These instructors are tactically trained and either current or past members of a SWAT or Tactical Team. They are trained in preparing threat assessments for high value targets such as government or private facilities. These are also Talon Instructors who are passionate about your ability to protect yourself and your family.

We have had a demand for in home instruction for some time and this is our answer. Who better to teach you this skill set than the very people who will come to your home when you call 911. These guys have experience kicking in doors and clearing homes of bad guys, they do it for a living.

We will provide you with an e-mail questionnaire before our visit to establish your concerns and give the instructor an idea of what they will be dealing with. They will then contact you and discuss the questionnaire and schedule a convenient time for your family.

The instructor will cover home security issues and refer you to a trusted alarm company if needed to go over structural security issues with them. We will then focus on how to defend what you have.

They will discuss a family plan, how to secure and defend your family members, home, and belongings. Also covered is what to do if you come home to an open door, wake up to an intruder, have to cross the home to get to children, or work in low or no light with or without a gun. We can cover home security issues even if you choose to live in an unarmed house. You can include the entire family, in fact, please do.

At the conclusion of the packaged price, we will stay as long as you want for an additional fee.

We can customize this material to suit the needs of any homeowner, business owner or government entity. We can also do Active Killer Response Instruction for businesses and Church Security Training for any house of worship. We can also do scenarios in the home on a case by case basis, this may require an additional fee for a second instructor.

Pricing starts at $200 for a Confidential Questionnaire, initial contact call from an instructor (up to 30 minutes) to set things up, 2 ½ hour visit to the home for instructional purposes and any referrals to alarms companies or contractors. We may also recommend products for you while we are there. We will leave you with some handouts covering legal issues and some other light reading.   Any time past the 2 ½ hour mark will be billed at the rate of $50 per hour.

Pricing on customized training for other venues is available by request.