Intro to USPSA Shooting

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Have you ever considered participating in a USPSA / IPSC competition, but felt you lacked the equipment, information or skill? Have you competed in a few matches, are now hopelessly hooked, and would like to improve? Or maybe you are just looking for an advanced class to further you gun-handling abilities. If so, then this class is for you.

Over the course of an entire day, Master Class USPSA competitor and Talon instructor John Rasmussen we will cover the basics of the sport commonly known as IPSC, or ‘combat shooting.’ Topics will include; drawing techniques, basic shooting skills, shooting on the move, strong-hand weak-hand shooting, stage props and reloading. We will also look at the game itself and discuss; stage breakdown, rules, match preparation, training, practicing and equipment selection.

Required for the class:

-A safe and serviceable handgun 9mm or larger, ie Glock, Sig, Beretta, H&K, 1911 etc.

-At least two (2) magazines for your handgun

-A secure holster that covers the trigger guard

-A sturdy belt

-At least one (1) magazine pouch

-Eye and ear protection (we can provide eye and ear protection if you do not have these)

-400 rounds of ammunition

If you do not have all of the required equipment, contact us as we have some equipment that can be loaned to students for use in the class.

Much of the class will be held outdoors on the range, so dress appropriately. Lunch is included in the class fee

Class Fee:

-If you bring your own ammunition: $175

In addition to the class on Saturday, John will include further instruction at the local USPSA match held at the Talon Range on the Saturday following the class. All Talon students will be squadded together, and John will act as the Range Officer. The knowledge and information learned in the class will be put to use in the match, and each student will get one-on-one instruction through each course of fire.*

*This portion is not mandatory, and Talon Training Group is not charging for the service–the only cost associated is the match entry fee.

The class will be limited to no more than 8 students, so if you plan on attending, please contact a Talon instructor to let them know in advance.