Why Talon Holsters?

Many companies build holsters and many others teach firearms training; still others own and run shooting ranges. Few do all three, and almost no one does all three well.

Here at Talon, we service the training, firearms and ammunition needs of our clients at our huge facility.  This gives us immediate feedback on all our custom products.

We offer quality manufactured leather holsters, made in the USA and designed by law enforcement officers with input from our civilian students. Our customer service is exceptional and our NO BULL Guarantee is there to assure customers we won't give them a hard time if they are not happy. All Talon customers are happy or they get their money back.... period.

At Talon, we are passionate about our business. We want you to buy quality, buy American, buy Talon!

Our Story

jd-charlie.jpgJ.D. Johnson and Charlie Strickland both started as police officers before 1990 and became deputy sheriffs shortly afterward. They each have been training law enforcement officers to shoot, drive, fight and protect themselves for more than two decades.

In 2008 they founded Talon Training Group and started teaching average citizens to shoot. They wanted to make their community safer by empowering citizens to protect themselves. You see, after decades of being law enforcement officers, they realized they would almost never actually be there when someone needed them. People simply had to be able to protect themselves, and Talon Training was their solution. Many cops focus on training cops; Talon focuses on training you.

Dozens of people trained in the North Florida, South Georgia and South Alabama areas turned into hundreds, then thousands and now tens of thousands. Students said they needed a safe place to shoot, so Charlie and JD built Talon Range on 300 acres just west of Tallahassee. The other need identified was holsters that were really high quality but affordable and made in the USA, specifically for concealed carry with the smallest new guns. Not plastic -- traditional leather, hand-crafted and carefully built.

As Talon Training grew to over a dozen very qualified LEO instructors, Charlie and J.D. were able to get a LOT of feedback on holster designs. After initially outsourcing our holster production, we brought all holster production in house, the reverse of most others.  We now handcraft all our leather and Kydex holster right here at Talon Tactical Outfitters, in the back of our gun store, next door to our range.

We are entering our 14th year in business training and building holsters.  We continue to expand our custom offerings, but, leave the bulk of what we do on this site.  If you are interested in something we don't offer, custom options are available.